u.PVC . water supply drainage pipe

SANKO u.PVC water supply and drainage pipe produced by Hai Minh is a type of pipe widely used because of its outstanding features, bringing high economic value to consumers. The main ingredients that make up u.PVC water supply and drainage pipes are PVC powder and additives, all of which are heated and melted and then extruded through a mold to shape the product.

General features

  • SANKO u.PVC water supply and drainage pipes are manufactured according to ISO 1452: 2009/TCVN 8491: 2011 standards.
  • Working pressure: 3 bar, 4bar, 5bar, 6bar, 8bar, 10bar, 12.5bar, 16bar, 20 bar, 25bar.
  • Color: Gray Gray.
  • The whole production process of SANKO u.PVC water supply and drainage pipe is strictly controlled by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015

Exceptional Features

  • Light, easy to transport. Simple installation.
  • Smooth pipe surface, small coefficient of friction for good drainage.
  • High mechanical strength, resistant to impact and high pressure.
  • No rust, resistant to chemicals.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Reasonable price.


With outstanding features, SANKO u.PVC water supply and drainage pipes are widely used in many works and projects such as:

  • Water supply and drainage system for urban projects.
  • Water supply and drainage system for industrial park project.
  • Water supply and drainage systems for civil and commercial works.
  • Agricultural water supply and drainage system.

Product specifications

DN: Nominal Diameter
lt : Assembly length
e: Nominal wall thickness
PN (bar): Working pressure
Pipe length (L) = 4m. Tube length and thickness can be changed upon request

Installation instructions

Instructions for gluing pipes with glue
  • The pipe shall be cut smooth and perpendicular to the centerline. Bevel 45° at the end of the tube to prevent the glue from being pushed out by the sharp edge of the tube.
  • Mark the length to be glued on the smooth end of the pipe. Markers are used to check during pipe bonding.
  • Clean the contact surface to be glued with a soft cloth.
  • Use a brush to apply PVC glue evenly to the entire surface of the pipe to be glued and the inside of the socket in the shortest time.
  • Quickly push the tip of the tube into the socket until the mark touches the end face of the socket. Fix until the joint is stable


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