HDPE Flat Plastic Pipe

Hai Minh HDPE flat plastic pipes are used in 2 main areas: Water supply and drainage and protection of electric and telecommunications cables. Products meet the standards TCVN 7305:2008/ ISO 4427:2007 – For water industry; and standards TCVN 7997: 2009, DIN 8074, DIN 8075 – For electricity and telecommunications industry.

General features:

  • Flat plastic pipe “HDPE” is named after the plastic material used for production, High Density Poly Ethylene, which means high density polyethylene plastic compound, abbreviated as HDPE.
  • Hai Minh HDPE flat pipe is a specialized product in the water industry and the electricity and telecommunications industry.
  • HDPE flat plastic pipes are manufactured with a variety of diameters and thicknesses, serving many different needs in the water industry and the electricity and telecommunications industry.
  • Color: Black with green or yellow lines.
  • Specification: 6m÷9m (from DN 110 and above), roll 50m÷200m (from DN 20÷DN 90) or according to customer requirements.
  • The whole production process of Hai Minh HDPE flat plastic pipe is strictly controlled by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.

Exceptional Features

  • Non-toxic: No heavy metals, no dust or bacteria, no secondary pollution.
  • Corrosion resistance: HDPE pipes do not conduct electricity and are not subject to electrochemical reactions by acids, alkalis, or salts that cause metal corrosion.
  • UV resistance
  • High flow efficiency: The pipe is smooth and frictionless, does not cause great resistance to the flow, and achieves high flow.
  • High flexibility: Can be rolled, bent. Fewer spare parts are used, low installation cost, good impact resistance and no breakage.
  • Easy to install: HDPE pipe is light in weight, easy to transport and easy to handle, can be installed in different terrains, does not require much foundation treatment.
  • Durability: HDPE pipes can be used for more than 50 years in standard conditions.
  • Many ways to connect pipes: Inner joint, outer joint, electrical connection, thermal connection, flange connection.
  • Environmentally friendly: HDPE pipes are recyclable.


With outstanding features, HDPE Hai Minh flat pipe is widely used in many works and projects such as:

  • Protection of power and telecommunications cables.
  • Water supply and drainage system for urban projects.
  • Water supply and drainage system for industrial park project.
  • Water supply and drainage systems for civil and commercial works.
  • Agricultural water supply and drainage system.
  • Industrial fluid transport systems.

Product specifications

DN: Nominal Diameter
L: Pipe length
e: Nominal wall thickness
PN (bar): Working pressure


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